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Glenn / Lenny

I use FireFox 91.11.0ESR 32 bit in my windows 64 and it works well for
I think the start to this thread mentions youtube.
I keep my youtube set to not play videos automatically, and I wait a minute
before using the letter B to find the play button, because that allows time
for an ad to play out before starting the video.
I usually do alt D while I'm waiting and copy the URL, so if I get
interrupted with a commercial, I close the window with control W and paste
the URL into Pontes downloader.
Well, if the URL is already in the clipboard, it will get loaded when I open

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I've used Firefox for years and years, since my Windows XP days.
There were times when it's been a bit slow to load pages, which I think
actually has a lot to do witht eh screen-reader trying to load things into a
virtual buffer.
Can't have a huge number of tabs open at once compared with chromium
But Firefox is way, way better for privacy than anything chromium. And as my
friend, a much more knowledgeable coder/developer than i will ever be,
explained to me the otehr day, the way chrome and some of its chromium
derivatives work will soon stop ad-blockers from working. That is
inttolerable for me, so, I expect I'll be leaning more heavily on Firefox
even than I am now, and just using chrome for youtube and other google
products, where it seems, unsurprisingly, to be way m ore efficient.

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I second that motion. I tried Firefox several years ago when Microsoft was
still supporting Internet Explorer and found that JAWS' support for it
wasn't very good compared to how well it supported IE.

I still think that JAWS hasn't supported any other browser as well as it did


On 6/29/2022 11:18 PM, Curtis Chong wrote:
Sorry. Wrong email. Firefox is not the browser to be using these days. You
should switch to Chrome or Edge Chromium. Both of these behave pretty much
the same as Firefox without breaking things for the blind.

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chris it never stops.
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Right now, I'd say it is a don't download. The applications key
doesn't seem to work with jaws running, and neither do keys like the k
for play/stop in youtube. Applications key works fine in NVDA, go figure.


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