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Gene Warner

Hi Bill!

I am one of those people who never gives up just because I've asked for help. So after sending my question, I continued trying to remember how to get those
messages back and eventually found it. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate your answer because I really do, thanks a lot!


On 6/29/2022 1:58 AM, Bill White wrote:
Hi, Gene. How are you reaching Speech Verbocity? Try this.
1. Open JAWS Settings Center with JAWS Key plus six on the numbers row.
2. Press CONTROL plus SHIFT plus D to open the Default Configuration.
3. Arrow down to Speech Verbocity, and open with Right Arrow.
4. Arrow down once to have JAWS read which verbocity setting is active. It should be either Beginner, or Intermediate.
5. If it is set to Advanced, press SPACE once or twice to select either Beginner or Intermediate.
6. If Speech Verbocity is set to Advanced, it will not say Cut, Copied, or Pasted.
7. TAB to Apply, and press Space.
8. TAB to OK, and press SPACE.
9. If Speech Verbocity is set to Beginner, using CONTROL C to copy a file will result in, Copied to clipboard.
10. If Speech Verbocity is set to Intermediate, using CONTROL C to copy a file will result in, Copied.
Bill White
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Hi everyone!
Apparently not all of your settings are stored in the settings folder. I
have restored my settings folder from before I followed Freedom
Scientific's advice to completely uninstall JAWS, then reinstall it,
because before I did all of this, whenever I'd do a clipboard function
(cut, copy, and paste) JAWS would say "cut", "copied", and "pasted". I
have tried everything I could think of to get it to say those again and
so far haven't found where it is or how to do it. I thought it would be
in speech verbosity, either I am not turning on the right option or it
is actually some where else. Anybody have any ideas?

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