moderated Re: Getting JAWS to say cut, copied, and pasted


Hi Gene,

if you want the settings to apply to all programmes, do the following.

1. Open Settings Centre by pressing JAWSKey+6 on the number row or selecting it using insert+F2 then going down the list till you find Settings Centre, and press enter if you used the list method.

2. In the settings search box type "verbosity" without the quotes.

3. A list should appear containing "configure verbosity levels". Select the option by going up and down the list and pressing enter on the item.

4. once there, expand the settings using Right Arrow, which will give you the three options "beginner, Intermediate, and advanced".

5. Go to the one you're usually using, then Press the space bar. Do not use enter, it is important to press the space bar to open the configuration dialogue for those options!

6. Locate the option that says "JAWS Message", and if it's unchecked, check it using the space bar.

7. Press OK to exit out of the configuration dialogue, then press OK again to exit the Settings Centre.

Now you should hear copied, cut, pasted, or copied selection to clipboard, depending on whether you've chosen long or short messages for your verbosity levels.

Good luck,


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