moderated BitDefender Total Security with JAWS?

Russell Solowoniuk

Hi everyone,

I have been using BitDefender for Mac on my iMac for a couple of years now. It is quite accessible with VoiceOver. I had an opportunity to upgrade to BitDefender Total Security which allowed me to install BitDefender on up to 5 machines. I installed it on my Windows 10 desktop, a Lenovo, All-in-one with touch screen.

I am not able to do anything in BitDefender. JAWS will read nothing. I had to use Be My Eyes just to be able to install it. I can right-click on a file or folder, and choose to scan with BitDefender, but the "Context menu Scan Results" are totally inaccessible. I cannot read any of the results. In addition, a BitDefender update window popped up, and again, I was not able to access the window in order to install the update. I tried NVDA, System Access, and Narrator, all with the same results.

Has anyone had any luck getting BitDefender to work with a screen reader in the Windows 10 environment? If not, I will be downgrading my subscription to just the version for the Mac, and will use Windows Defender on my Windows machine.

I am using the latest version of JAWS 2022 and Windows 10, Pro.



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