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For copying a partition, I find the DD command in Linux the easiest.

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Hi John!

I agree that diskpart is very good, I use it for things that disk
management can't do, but it is almost just as anemic as disk management
is in some areas, copying or moving partitions in particular, and that
is what I need to do or I'd use either one of Microsoft's tools.


On 6/27/2022 5:35 PM, John Covici wrote:
Diskpart is very good, I am not sure whether it will copy/move
partitions, but its nice and very accessible since its command line
and has lots of help.

On Mon, 27 Jun 2022 15:18:34 -0400,
Gene Warner wrote:

Hi Glenn / Lenny!

I know of Windows Disk Management and use it whenever I can, but
it is rather anemic in what it can do, for example it cannot copy
or move partitions and that is what I need to do. But thanks for
the suggestion anyway!


On 6/27/2022 3:12 PM, Glenn / Lenny wrote:
Have you tried windows disk management?
If you tap the windows key and type in disk, either it will be the first
choice, or you can down arrow to it.
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Subject: partition managers?


I need to do some work with hard drive partitions. Does anyone know of
one that is accessible through JAWS?


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