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Gene Warner

Hi Mike!

The last time I tried to use that program I found it rather confusing, but that was several years ago, hopefully things have improved since then so I'll try it again. I still lament the loss of Partition Magic, it is in my humble opinion the best partition management software ever written. It and several other programs I can think of that were acquired and then buried by Norton/Symantech and is the primary reason, among others, why I will not buy anything from them.

Thanks for the suggestion!

On 6/27/2022 3:13 PM, Mike B. wrote:

Hi Gene,
Partition Assistant is a good one to go with.  Below are a couple of emails talking about it.
From: "David Ferrin" <
owner@... <mailto:owner@...>>
I had to go to the jaws cursor some but only to select the drive I wanted to
modify. After that everything was in tab order and behaved nicely. It might
be a good idea for me to write up some instructions. The fact is the program
works where partition magic failed me in a couple of places.
David Ferrin
From: "chris hallsworth" <
christopherh40@... <mailto:christopherh40@...>>
Hi David and all.
Same here. You need to use the JAWS cursor. They say you need to select
the disk or drive. Actually right clicking is enough to bring up a
context menu containing items to do with the disk or partition. I'm
thinking we could all give feedback to the developers and request they
incorporate standard list view controls or whatever, just so that we
don't have to use the JAWS cursor. But I'm thinking if we have to use
the JAWS cursor in other applications, what's the point. What do you
think listers? Should we request improved accessibility to the
developers or leave it as it is.
From Chris
Stay safe and take care.  Mike.
PSA Folks: You can still get gas for under a dollar fifty at Taco Bell!
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I need to do some work with hard drive partitions. Does anyone know of
one that is accessible through JAWS?

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