moderated Accessing an iCloud drive with Edge and JAWS

Gene Warner

Hi everyone!

I have a problem and need to know if its just me or if others are seeing the same thing.

I have a bunch of photos in my iPhone that I wanted to transfer to my PC, so I set up the photos app on my iPhone to upload all of its pictures to my iCloud drive. I then tried to access the iCloud drive using Edge. I had no trouble logging into my iCloud account and then to the drive, but then I found that no matter what I did, I simply could not access the files on the drive so I could download them. I finally gave up and called Aira to get help from one of their agents and was able to get all of my photos downloaded without much of a problem, probably because they didn't have to use a screen reader.

Does anybody else have any problems accessing the files on their iCloud drive, or is this a problem that only I am having?


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