Moderated Re: Question on how too add a book too my wish list using my computer.

leonard morris

An alternative way  is to install the Bard express app on your computer. After you have configured it you have a number of options to select the title you want and then it is just a matter of checking the book end then tab to add it to the wish list. Once you do that go to your phone and go to get books where you will see the wish list end the book will be there ready for download. For me this method is easier to navigate than the website. 

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There is a link on BARD that you can press enter on when you are looking at the full description of the book.


So if you see a book in recent uploads that you want to put on your wish list, press enter on the title. Towards the bottom, after the description of the book, there are links to download it and to put it in your wish list.





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Subject: Question on how too add a book too my wish list using my computer.


Good morning everyone, 


When I download a book from the Bard web site, using my computer, How do I add that book too my wish list? I know how too do it on the Stream, but I don’t know how too do this  on my computer.

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