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Marianne Denning

If an apps are pinned to your task bar they will be in an order. You should press windows key plus T to go to the task bar and then use your right arrow to go through them in order. I just looked at my task bar and Word is in the third position. I can launch Word from anywhere by pressing windows key plus 3. You should only pin those items you use most frequently since you can only use numbers 1 through 9. I have Word, Chrome, and Out look pinned to my task bar. Quite often your computer comes with apps already pinned to the task bar. If you don’t want those apps on the task bar you can unpin them. To do this go to your task bar and find the app you want to unpin. Press your application key or shift f10 and arrow down until you find “unpin” and press enter. That will change the number of all the apps that are pinned after it. I gave the example that Word is Windows 3 so if I unpin the app that is in the second position Word will move to that position and I will use windows key 2. I am sure this explanation is confusing so if you want to talk instead of emailing you can send me an email at marianne@....  


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I have also wondered what the advantages of are in pinning apps to the taskbar?


At work, they recommend that we do this, but what is the difference in pinning them there and pinning them to your Start menu?






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If you have folder shortcuts on the desktop you don't get the Pin to Taskbar in the context menu option.


How you can get around this if you have a folder shortcut that you want to pin to the Taskbar,  try the following:

1. Highlight the desktop icon and press, Alt + Enter, to open the icon's properties.


2. When you open the icon's properties you'll be on the Shortcut page in the, Target field, and you want to add what's below, but read what's below character by character because you must include the space in what you type in.

explorer .

That's the word, explorer , followed by a space .


Tab to, Okay, and press enter to save / close the properties.


You should now get a, Pin to Taskbar, option in the context menu.



Stay safe and take care.  Mike.
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Hi, Rosie. Just put whatever you have on your desktop on the Task Bar instead, then delete the icons that are on your desktop.


Bill White




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how do u clean out?




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I keep my desktop as clean as possible. It helps my machine load faster. I pin apps to my task bar.


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Subject: Pinning apps to taskbar question


I have never pinned an app to the task bar. I have shortcuts for most of my apps on the desktop. Would there be any advantages to pin my apps to the taskbar?

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