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The advantage of pinning apps to the taskbar is that for the sighted
users it makes it very convenient to launch apps that they can see
right in front of them. for the keyboard users or the blind is they
can lanuch apps using keyboard short in addition to the Windows key as
being one of the keys. for example, the first app on the taskbar
usually is MS Edge. You can launch Edge by simplly pressing the
shortcut key combination, Windows key+1 on the number row on top.
Similarly, pressing Windows key+2 would launch file explorer.

Hope this helps.

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On 6/26/22, Claudia <claudiadr2013@...> wrote:
I have also wondered what the advantages of are in pinning apps to the

At work, they recommend that we do this, but what is the difference in
pinning them there and pinning them to your Start menu?



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If you have folder shortcuts on the desktop you don't get the Pin to
in the context menu option.

How you can get around this if you have a folder shortcut that you want to
pin to the Taskbar, try the following:

1. Highlight the desktop icon and press, Alt + Enter, to open the icon's

2. When you open the icon's properties you'll be on the Shortcut page in
the, Target field, and you want to add what's below, but read what's below
character by character because you must include the space in what you type

explorer .

That's the word, explorer , followed by a space .

Tab to, Okay, and press enter to save / close the properties.

You should now get a, Pin to Taskbar, option in the context menu.

Stay safe and take care. Mike.
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Hi, Rosie. Just put whatever you have on your desktop on the Task Bar
instead, then delete the icons that are on your desktop.

Bill White

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how do u clean out?

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I keep my desktop as clean as possible. It helps my machine load faster. I
pin apps to my task bar.

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I have never pinned an app to the task bar. I have shortcuts for most of my
apps on the desktop. Would there be any advantages to pin my apps to the

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