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clarence carter

I have run into a problem of not being able to move back from one page to another.

The ALT Left and Right commands don't work. Has this been eliminated in JAWS?

The only way I can go back to a previous page in /Edge is to move to the previous page within the Edge settings.

Does anybody have any idea how to correct this. I don't notice it so much in Chrome and Firefox.

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It looks like I spoke too soon. After doing the JAWS repair, then restarting my PC, the problem with the tabs was gone as well as
Insert+V from within Edge producing an unknown function call error was
also gone, I then played a game of Spoonbill Solitaire, I then went back into Edge to do some browsing, and both problems were back! Thinking that the game may have left the system in some unknown state that was affecting JAWS, I did a restart, but still those two problems remained.

Sometimes I think we should just dump all this technology, all too often it seems like we take a step forward, only to fall back two steps and land on our butts


On 6/24/2022 11:55 PM, Gene Warner wrote:
Thank you for that! Your answer got me to thinking and I just
remembered that the installer has a repair mode so I tried it. It
solved my tabs problem as well as one other problem I was having with Edge and JAWS.


On 6/24/2022 9:13 PM, Curtis Chong wrote:

I am using the latest version of Edge. I do not experience this
problem when pressing CTRL+TAB. I hear the title of each page.


Curtis Chong

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Hi everyone!

Time was that in Microsoft Edge, when you used control+tab to switch
from one tab to another, JAWS would read the page title which made it
easy to find the tab you wanted, but now JAWS reads what ever is
where the cursor is. Is there a way to have JAWS read the page titles
like it used to or is this something that Freedom Scientific has to
fix themselves?


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