Moderated Downloading Books from Bard

Brenda Emerson-Alford

Hello List,

I am not sure if this is really a JAWS question but any thoughts or ideas are appreciated. 

First, I am using JAWS 2021 with Windows 10 and Edge browser.  Also, my innernet access is through an individual hot spot from AT&T which we have been using in our RV for five years without any real difficulty.

Recently I have been unable to completely download any book from the Bard main page.  It will get anywhere from 30 to 60% and then put up an error message saying “download error, title unable to download due to network error”.  I can’t figure out how to get any details about the network error.  When I go back to have it resume the download it doesn’t really resume but starts all over again and never makes it to the end.

Is this some network setting on my computer that might have changed during a windows update or is this possibly an issue with the type/level of internet service from AT&T?  I know that they have recently changed their plans and there seems to be a tiered selection around data/internet.

Any quick suggestions.



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