moderated Possible Punctuation Bug

Dennis Brown

Can someone try the following and see if you get the same reaction?


  1. Load the Settings Center and select Punctuation, then Customize Punctuation…
  2. 2.  You’ll be placed in the list of punctuation with the layout of
  3. Punctuation character, text name of that character, and the punctuation mode for that character
  4. Arrow down the list until you get to one of the following characters.
  5. Number, dollar, and, percent, at
  6. 3. Set the mode for these characters to “none,” then tab to and select Ok.
  7. Then tab to and select “Apply.”

4. Repeat step#1 and arrow dow the list.  Do those characters speak twice

So instead of

Number, the character itself,

Then number, the text name,

Then none, the mode,

I get the character announced twice, then the text name, then the mode, such as,

Number number number none

At at at none

Dollar dollar dollar none

Percent percent percent none

And and and none


Anyone else get this?



Dennis T. Brown


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