Re: New Notification History and Rules Feature in JAWS 2022

Bill White

Hi, Marten. No one is advocating disabling any feature. What I am saying is
that, if you have rules that you don't want, you can remove all rules at
once by deleting the file called,

Otherwise, you must remove each rule, one by one.

This does not remove the Notification Rules Feature, it just removes the
rules that have been previously created.

You can't make or remove rules by using ins-space, followed by shift-n.

Bill White


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Why should you disable this feature?
The old method is also availlable.
After pressing ins-space, press shift-n insteat of n.


On Wed, 22 Jun 2022 12:52:17 -0700 "Bill White" <billwhite92701@...>

If any of us should begin using the new Notification History and Rules
feature in JAWS 2022, and find that we have made changes that are
undesirable, here's how to set everything back to the defaults for
Notification History and Rules. I got this from Eric at FreedomScientific.

To Remove Notification History And/Or Rules

1. Open JAWS Menu with INSERT plus J.
2. Arrow down to Utilities sub menu and press ENTER.
3. Arrow down to Explore Utilities Folder and press ENTER.
4. Arrow down to Explore My Settings and press ENTER.
5. Press BACKSPACE to ascend one folder.
6. Find the folder called Notifications, and press ENTER.
7. To remove notification history, remove the following file,


8. To remove notification rules, remove the following file,


Bill White


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