Re: New Notification History and Rules Feature in JAWS 2022

Gene Warner

Thanks for that! I was just wondering where those files were. I would have expected the rules file to be in with my settings where they could easily be backed up if desired.


On 6/22/2022 3:52 PM, Bill White wrote:
If any of us should begin using the new Notification History and Rules feature in JAWS 2022, and find that we have made changes that are undesirable, here's how to set everything back to the defaults for Notification History and Rules. I got this from Eric at FreedomScientific.
*To Remove Notification History And/Or Rules*
1. Open JAWS Menu with INSERT plus J.
2. Arrow down to Utilities sub menu and press ENTER.
3. Arrow down to Explore Utilities Folder and press ENTER.
4. Arrow down to Explore My Settings and press ENTER.
5. Press BACKSPACE to ascend one folder.
6. Find the folder called Notifications, and press ENTER.
7. To remove notification history, remove the following file,
8. To remove notification rules, remove the following file,
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