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How about, you try configuring this web version account into outlook?
configure it via file\info. let it be configured as an exchange
account. Generally, outlook automatically picks up the exchange server
credentials on its own. do give it a try.

Thank you,


On 6/22/22, Ekstrand, Pamela A. -ND <pamela.a.ekstrand.-nd@...> wrote:

That has been my experience as well. Thankfully, the main account I use for
work does work with Outlook on my laptop.

For some reason, I am told that this other account has to be accessed using
the web version.

If anyone knows of any quick settings I can change to try to make the mail
screen as uncluttered as possible, I would really appreciate it.


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In my experience, the web version of Outlook is more than a little
cumbersome and definitely less efficient for a JAWS user than simply using
Microsoft Outlook running on a computer. It would be a reasonable
accommodation to request that your employer provide you with this software
on your work system and then configure it to connect to the email servers
that the company uses.

There is no practical way to make the web version of Outlook feel and behave
the same as the Desktop version of Outlook.

Best regards,

Curtis Chong

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Hi Pam,

I am really sorry for writing back with so much delay.

Although i can't find the option under my account but my wife's
outlook has an option regarding adjusting the sort of display she
would like to have. Would request you to look under options for
adjusting these mail settings.

I really hope, it is of some help for you.

Thank you,


On 6/21/22, Ekstrand, Pamela A. -ND <pamela.a.ekstrand.-nd@...>
In order to access one of my email accounts for work, I need to use I normally use outlook installed on my laptop, and
works fine, but with the website, I cannot figure out how to get my
to display in a list format so I can quickly go down the list and hit
on the one I want to read.

Does anyone have any tips for getting my email to display in a more
readable format with JAWS?


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