moderated Re: Using JAWS 2022 with Chase Bank Website


Scott, I use their website for the past few years for my credit card and I have no trouble. I use Windows 10, jaws 2019 and google chrome as a browser. I do put permanent bookmarks in a few places to get right to the list of transactions but it works well. Don’t think you will have trouble. Good luck. Judy & Libby


From: [] On Behalf Of Scott Marshall
Sent: Sunday, June 19, 2022 6:57 PM
Subject: Using JAWS 2022 with Chase Bank Website



Does anyone have experience with the accessibility of using the latest build of JAWS 2022? The landing page looks fine. Unfortunately, in my experience, you never know how accessible a banking site really is until you are a customer and are actually trying to use all of the services offered such as checking and savings accounts, bill pay, credit card accounts, Etc.

Thanks for any advice on this before I decide to move my banking relationship to Chase.





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