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Oh, dear, well thanks a lot Mike. (smile) Judy & Libby


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Hi Judy,


I'm not Bill, but here are the keystrokes for desktop layout, laptop layout will be below desktop.


Routing the Jaws cursor to the PC cursor:

Insert + Num Pad Minus key


Routing the PC cursor to the Jaws cursor:

Insert + Num Pad Plus key


Laptop layout:


Route JAWS Cursor to PC Cursor:


Route PC Cursor to JAWS Cursor:


Stay safe and take care.  Mike.
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From: Judy

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Bill, this is a great post for helping out with those boxes that won't check
when they should. Refresh my memory please on the command for routing the
jaws and pc cursors together? Thanks. Judy & Libby

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Hi, Ralph. The easiest of these to explain is pass key through. If you are
on a website, and you need to click something like a button or a link, and
it won't respond to pressing ENTER or SPACE, you can use JAWS Key plus the
number three on the numbers row to send the ENTER key directly to the
website, and bypass sending it through the screen reader.

root jaws cursor to pc and vice versa are used when you are trying to click
something in a program, but the cursor is not focused on the element which
you are trying to make respond. Sometimes, even if you use the TAB or Arrow
keys, the PC cursor is stuck somewhere, and won't move to the element,
because it is expecting mouse movement, not arrow movement. I have had
greatest success when routing the PC Cursor to the JAWS cursor. This often
causes the thing you are trying to click, such as a check box, to respond.

Bill White


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Subject: Confusing jaws functions

What does pass key through and root jaws cursor to pc and vice versa
functions mean and when to use them 

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