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Glenn / Lenny

One of these days I'll get out all my Time-Life CDs and store-bought CDs and
rip the music from them.
I refuse to pay again for the media in another format.
When I do buy one in electronic format from somewhere like Amazon, it's
because it came out after the peak of the CD music era.
And when I can get it from Youtube in as good or better quality than, I'll go with the free option.

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just curious. How much do you pay per song or album you buy.
I think back to all the 45s, lps, cassettes, cds I've bought over the
years and eventually discarded -- thousands upon thousands of dollars
listened to for a few times and generally later only occasionally touched.
I didn't discover the beauty of services such as Amazon Music Unlimited
until I got a couple of Echo devices 3 or so yrs back.
I've listened to more music in the last couple of years than I did for the
previous 2-3 decades when, most of my listening, was via radio stations
first over the air and then internet.
I just don't see the necessity of owning music any longer given the
convenience of a service for around $100 a yr or so.
And I can call up whatever I want when I want it; use playlists;
structured requests, and so on.
I just wish someone had knocked me in the head telling me of these music
services yrs and yrs ago and getting me to pay attention.

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