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Glenn / Lenny

The last one I bought was 128 bit, about a year or two back, and I gave it a
poor review for the low quality.
Maybe other people complained if Amazon had started using lower bit rates,
and went back to better bit rates.
But having stated that, I still think you should get a better quality than
you can get from Youtube.


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Hi, Glenn. I don't believe this to be true. The vast majority of songs on
Amazon are at least 192 kbps, not 128 kbps. Some are even higher, in the 200

Bill White


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I have found that the bit rate you get when buying it from Amazon is no
better than you can get from using a youtube downloader utility.
I would expect at least 220 bit rate, if not 320 bit after paying for a
320 bit is what you get from a CD if you have your rip settings set
By default, the rip settings are usually at 128, which is horrible, and once

they are ripped at 128, you cannot just go in and change the bit rate of a
file, you are just making a high quality recording of a poor sounding file.
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There are some songs thet you can search for and find, but are not available
to purchase as individual mp3's

William Vandervest
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William Vandervest


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Subject: Amazon problem?

Hello All, I spent an hour yesterday trying to buy a song on Amazon's
website. Amazon search came up with what I wanted but couldn't get to the
buy now or whatever it says to purchase the song. I had no problems last
year but now, I am using jaws 22 and windows 11 along with office 365 if
that makes a difference. Is there a way to trick the screen to find the
button that will allow me to purchase? Thanks so much. Andy and Leroy

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