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I called Microsoft accessibility. They logged on remotely. I had to use Narrator to use quick assist. I opened excel and tried to add a row using the control shift and =. It worked. I then unloaded Narrator and loaded Jaws. Now it worked. I didn’t change anything. I rebotted and tried it again. It still works. The other day I had noticed that when in a cell I could no longer use the home key to move all the way to the right like I had in the past. Well now that works as well. Got me what corrected the problem.s


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What happens if you use alt plus I then r or just use the applications key and arrow down to insert?

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Hello, I’m using the most recent versions of windows10, office 2016 and jaws2022. There was an update performed on my laptop yesterday. After the update I opened Excel 2016. I was able to open a spread sheet. When I tried to add a row using control shift =, I’m automatically pushed out of Excel. I went back in and I couldn’t even bring up the menu and yet it stayed in the spread sheet I opened. Yet I couldn’t move around in the spread sheet. I thought I could do a repair and since I couldn’t go into the menu I wasn’t able to do a repair. Is there another way to do a repair? Could something else be causing this problem? Thanks, Kevin


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