moderated Using Thunderbird with JAWS


Hi all. I just recently switched from NVDA to JAWS to take advantage of some of the tools JAWS offers, and while I really like it, I’m having some trouble using Thunderbird with it. I have the latest stable version of Thunderbird and JAWS 2022 on Windows 11. One of the biggest issues I’ve noticed is that when using Shift and the arrow keys to move through the message list and select messages, a lot of time JAWS just says, “Selected.” It doesn’t say the information about the message I’m on, so I have to use commands to find this out. It will occasionally say the information about the message, but not usually. I also find it difficult to switch to alerts that might pop up, such as when installing an add-on. Does anyone else encounter these issues? Also, do you have any tips on using Thunderbird with JAWS? Thanks.

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