Re: DECtalk ACCESS32 and JAWS, was RE: Please remind me where to din and how to download voices

Josh Kennedy

you probably used keynote gold with a brailleNote classic, or a keynote companion. I used it on a grid laptop customized by pulseData back in 1992, with Keysoft version 1.33F for ms-dos 5.0  and the pulseData masterTouch screen reader the the MasterTouch tablet, which I never used but I had it. I wish I would have played with that thing. It was a tablet with 25 raised lines going across it and a few buttons. It plugged into the Keynote gold SA speech box using a short phone line type cord. And you could move your finger across the raised lines on the tablet and Keynote gold would read the corresponding screen lines to you. not sure what the other buttons did. Dos had 25 lines of 80 characters each. Dos stands for disk operating system and was a command-line OS. you type commands to make it do stuff like erase files or load programs and only one program would run at a time unless you had a special multiTasking shell. I did use smooth talker for dos with the sound blaster card. its motto was: sound blaster, blast away the sound!! Smooth talker with the shareware Tiny Talk screen reader by Erik Bohlman and it was rather laggy and slow. Anyway  the dos operating system it also sometimes used extended ascii characters for drawing boxes and dialogs and stuff which some screen readers such as vocal-eyes and ASAP could tell you what those characters were. And if your screen reader did not support keynote gold directly. \You would edit your config.sys file and put in this line:

device= c:\golddev.sys

After you had the free golddev.sys file, of course. Then making sure your keynote gold SA was connected to the grid laptop, you turn it off, and back on. Then Keynote Gold SA serial speech synthesizer with its default serial settings of 38300 baud I think, 8 data bits, no parody, 1 stop bits, and software handshaking or xon-xoff handshaking would say:

Gold Card device driver version 1.44 ready. Serial number demo.

And then you tell your screen reader like ASAP by MicroTalk to use an Accent synthesizer on com1. Then Keynote gold would work. Or you could use outSpoken for windows3.1. And it worked that way also. Windows-master screen reader by blazie engineering also worked. I wish I could have used Keysoft with decTalk just to see what it was like. But it worked good with my Keynote Gold SA speech synthesizer. And on the back of the keynote gold box was brailled its serial number and the company name, PulseData. 

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