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Glenn / Lenny

Doesn't Jaws have a Braille input setting called eight dot Braille mode?
I saw that setting somewhere once.

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Just to do some further testing, I composed an email, using NVDA and
Mozilla Thunderbird. Using dot 8 for enter on the focus, worked exactly
as expected. This leads me to ask, is there a different code sent by
JAWS when dot 8 is pressed? This is very weird. Thanks in advance for
any suggestions on fixing.

On 6/14/2022 7:31 PM, guy schlosser via wrote:
Hello everyone, I am writing this for a client. She is learning to use
JAWS via a focus 40 blue, with no qwerty keyboard. The problem we are
having has been discussed before, and I'm wondering if there has ever
been a solution found. When composing an email in Thunderbird, using
grade 2 braille, it seems like the email is being flipped upsidedown,
whenever we press the dot 8 (enter key). Does anyone know how to keep
this from happening? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
much in advance.


P.S. My client is using Jaws 2022, with all latest updates.

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