moderated Re: Curiosity: What makes people choose Jaws over NVDA?

Josh Kennedy

I also have to say that decTalk 4.1 through 4.6 works great with NVDA ok well that is if you know how to modify manifest.ini files to keep it running with the latest NVDA that is. But please please let my decTalk dlls work with jaws! It was the most popular synthesizer back in the 80s and 90s. DecTalk was so popular that it even worked with KeySoft, pulsedata's personal informational manager software. decTalk could sing, make touch tone phone sounds, play tones, and play .wav files if you wished. I offer all my decTalk dlls the files and the dtalk-us.dic decTalk dictionary file to freedom scientific for implementation into jaws as a vintage software tts. I hope they take me up on my offer!

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