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Dan Longmore


  Yes, this has happened to me.  For whatever reason you have gotten signed out of your Microsoft 365 account.  You will need to “sign in” with your 365 password.  You can do this through the file menu in Word. 

Go to Account and you should find a “sign in button. 

From there select either home or work account if you have more than one.  Your e-mail should already show but if not enter that and then your password.


Word will continue to function but the sign in will continue to bother you until you take care of this.




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Not sure what I did but something strange is being announced by JAWS in a specific Word file I have created.  In the document I created a table.  I set JAWS to announce both column and rows.  It worked well until I must have done something wrong.  Now when I navigate the table, JAWS not only reads the contents, but it states, “sign in required.  Can anyone assist?  I should add that I am using the latest 365 and JAWS 2022.


Thanks in advance,


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