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Dan Longmore


  I hope you will not give up.  From taking and teaching classes  I know both ends of the feeling of being overwhelmed. The student perspective and the teacher or employer perspective where lots of information must be given at once even though the employee will feel snowed under .

I pray you will get patient people within the office to work with you and will have the resources to meet the challenge.



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Sent: Tuesday, June 14, 2022 7:51 PM
Subject: Re: Federal Employment and Accommodations


Thanks for all of the suggestions here.

I honestly feel like I’m drowning.

I went from feeling very competent on my previous job to feeling like I can’t do anything.

I know these are always new challenges, when starting a new job, but this is so very daunting.

There are so many systems to learn within the organization, and I honestly am having difficulty with just the basic training aspect of things.

Accessing training in Success Factors is hit or miss, even on my personal computer, because the trainings don’t appear to all be formatted the same.





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If your workplace provides Adobe Acrobat Pro, it has oCR built in – if you need oCR functionality, I would use this and not JAWS.

If the forms are created properly, you’ll also be able to use this programme to fill them out. It works rather likea  webpage. When you finish, there’s usually a save button, which will save the form and, if required, send it to its destination on the network/over the internet.

Not all forms are created equal though, so you’ll have to take it on a case by case basis.




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Sent: June 10, 2022 01:20 AM
Subject: Federal Employment and Accommodations


Hello All,


I just began a new job this week, with the federal government.

I have requested the following accommodations, JFW, a braille display, such as the Focus 40 Blue and an iPhone thus far.


I have already found the following issues. They use Adobe a great deal, so I need something that I can use to fill out forms? Is this doable, even with using something like Adobe Acrobat DC?

I have sent myself some of the required forms to my private e-mail and have been able to open them with my iPhone, but I'm not sure I can fill them out this way.


If I've requested JFW, is there any potential reason why I'd also need Kurzweil, seeing as JFW has the built-in OCR?


The department I work for also uses a Soft Phone system, which I'm told will not be accessible, so I've requested an iPhone as an alternative.


They have offered me a reader, but I don't see myself needing that enough to justify that expense for the department as well. I successfully did this job, at a state level, with minor issues, for 10 years.


If you'd rather not clutter up the list, please feel free to e-mail me directly.









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