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meow meow

I have both window 7 on my PC and laptop is window 11

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I believe Rosie is running Windows 7.

Bill White


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This is assuming you are running Windows 10:
- Open Settings.
- Click on Devices.
- Click on AutoPlay and turn on the Use AutoPlay for all media and devices toggle switch.
- Under the "Choose AutoPlay defaults" section, the Removable drive drop-down menu and select a new default action when connecting a USB drive:, use the up/down arrow key and choose open folder to view files (File Explorer).

From now on when you insert a USB drive, it should open up the drive in file explorer.

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hi Rosie here...
few days ago I did ask about how to setup USB for my thumb drive ok here so far that I put thumb drive in USB and all I hear was dong or ding and I ask my husband that he can see the screen he told me to go go start menu and type D:
well it work that way but I like what window 7 did that all I do to plug in and auo to bring up file that what I want that way does anyone know how to setup to make it auo when I plug in thumb drive up instead have me to go start nenu and typ D:
on my window 11 and Jaws 22

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