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Mike B.

Hi Rosie,
I'm very late to this thread, but this is how I get my Windows 11 system to open a flashdrive / thumbdrive when I plug it in.
1. Open the Control Panel by pressing enter on the Control Panel icon on your desktop if you have an icon there.
If you don't have the icon press, Windows key + R, to open the Run dialog and type,
control, and press enter
AutoPlay is the first item when you open the control panel, but if you open the control panel and you land on the Search field this is how you set the control panel so you can use first letter navigation.
From the, Search field, tab one time to, Category button, and press the spacebar to open.  Now down arrow to either Large or Small icon, and press enter.
Note: having either the Large or Small icon selected is necessary to enable first letter navigation in the control panel.
2. Press enter on the, AutoPlay link, an there's a checkbox for, Use AutoPlay for all media and devices, check this checkbox.
3. Tab one time to, Removeable Drives combobox, and use your, Alt + down arrow, keystroke to open this combobox.  Down arrow to, Open folder to view files File Explorer, and press, Alt + up Arrow , to close the combobox.
4. Now tab many times to the, Save button, and press enter to save your changes and close AutoPlay.  Now, Alt + F4, to close the control panel.
Stay safe and take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.

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On Sat, Jun 11, 2022 at 04:57 PM, meow meow wrote:
does anyone know how to setup to make it auo when I plug in thumb drive up instead have me to go start nenu and typ D:
on my window 11 and Jaws 22
From Rosie's original message.  I commend her for providing all the information necessary at the outset.  She did say immediately before the aboe that the liked the way it worked under Windows 7, and now the info she needs to duplicate that behavior on later versions of Windows has been offered several times by several participants.

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