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Wow, thanks for all the responses! I honestly had no idea if this kind
of topic would get any traction, or if it would completely just get
derailed into drama. Thankfully this is not the case at all. :)
Below are just some of my observations with using Jaws recently, so
feel free to chime in with your own tips, opinions etc.
I was really impressed with picture smart myself, considering that was
probably the first big thing I played with when using Jaws earlier
this year.
I think in some cases, the Jaws and NVDA commands are fairly similar,
so there wasn't a huge learning curve for me personally. The biggest
thing would probably have to be the Jaws/touch curser's, compared to
object nav. IF you can use the touch curser, then you're honestly 90
percent of the way to using object nav.
To the people making comments about addons being broken with each
major NVDA release, I do feel you. In a lot of cases you can simply
just update the manifest file for each addon to reflect the current
version and it *should* work, but I'd wager there's a lot of people
who may not know about this. Developers don't want to have to update
their addons with every major release either, especially if it becomes
more of a fix than simply updating their manifest file.
While I liked Jaws OCR, I did find it to be a bit buggy in certain
situations. I'd randomly have it get stuck in certain windows, then
when I'd go to OCR again I'd be informed that an OCR scan was already
in progress. Any time I'd try to OCR after that, I'd just be told that
the OCR component was not installed on my system. I could rectify this
by simply restarting Jaws, but it did get rather annoying. If I can
consistently reproduce this bug, I'll gladly report it. Unless anyone
has any tips on this one?
I've yet more testing to do on the touch curser, though from my
limited experience it wasn't quite as good as object nav. I'm not sure
if that's what it was trying to emulate though? Or if it was more of a
way to interact with newer style apps that can't interface with the
older mirror display drivers. I.E, the thing that makes the Jaws
curser function.
I do also wish that Jaws was better at handling dynamically updating
content too. Spotify, for example. I can scroll through my library
with relative speed using NVDA, but consistently struggled to have
Jaws catch up. I also noticed Jaws seemed to just bounce all over the
place on things like huge Reddit threads. NVDA is definitely guilty of
this one too, though it's not nearly as bad. I don't know if that's
just down to the way each reader renders it's web content though.
I feel like Jaws definitely wins out on legacy support, though I don't
know how much of a fair comparison that is to make, considering ones
had nearly 30 years of development behind it. :P
Apologies if this is a bit of a mess, this has all been a bit
scattered throughout my head and I'm just addressing things as they
come up.
Again it's been really cool to hear your responses, so yeah looking
forward to more discussion!

On 6/12/22, Glenn / Lenny <glenn@...> wrote:
I've always thought NVDA was more like Window Eyes.
Now, if there was a Jaws add-on for NVDA, that set the keyboard functions to

be like Jaws, I think a lot more people would use it.
I remember when Microsoft Word had a WordPerfect keyboard layout, that made

it a lot easier for WP users.
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Having been a long time Window Eyes user I found the move to NVDA much
easier than a move to Jaws. I have NVDA and the latest version of Jaws
on my computer and use NVDA 90 percent of the time.

On 6/11/2022 5:04 PM, Mich Verrier wrote:
Hi I have triedNVDA but I never got verry far with it. I used Jaws and
that is what I have used all the way back to Jaws 3.7 I am now using Jaws

2022 and am having a lot of fun with it. From Mich.

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Hi. This is such an interesting topic. I rather enjoy discussions like
this. I prefer Jaws over NVDA because Jaws has the Braille math
editor, which I need to use for math class. NVDA is a great screen
reader if you don't need to do math. Also, I love Jaws picture smart,
voice assistant feature, and the convenient OCR. I do use NVDA
occasionally, and I like how there are so many unique NVDA add-ons.
However, my overall preference is Jaws.

On 6/11/22, James Malone <james.malone93502@...> wrote:
Hi all,
inspired from an earlier topic, I got to wondering:
What makes people keep coming back to Jaws over NVDA? I also want to
emphasise that this is not a topic trying to bash one or the other,
I'd really like to hear some opinions from the Jaws side. What do you
think it does better? Where do you think it's weakness's are? I've
been a long time NVDA user and occasionally dabbled in Jaws here and
there over the past year or so. Something I commonly see is that Jaws
still seems to have better braille support. I also don't know how many
organisations would be super happy with the idea of putting NVDA on a
work computer, so there's that. I used Jaws growing up, so I have a
fair amount of experience in both readers. Using Jaws recently also
told me that the overall look and feel hasn't really changed either,
so there was next to no learning curve when it came to reacquainting
myself. I know NV access have been working on this, but to my
understanding Jaws also seems to have better UIA support, something
that can only be a positive!
Looking forward to hearing from you,

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