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Brian. I have a computer that is only three years old, and autoplay still works to open a thumb drive. I think you are confusing AutoPlay with AutoRun, which was discontinued due to the possibility of autorunning a program from a thumb drive or CD that could damage your system.


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If you're referring to auto-startup, where File Explorer automatically appeared when you plugged in a thumb/jump/flash drive, that was discontinued as a behavior years ago.

All you have to do is open File Explorer and the thumb drive will show up in the folder tree with whatever drive letter the system assigns to it (and it sounds like D is what your system is using at the moment).

It's a good idea to actually change the name of your removable drives so that when you plug them in you can recognize which is which.  If you allow the system to assign random drive letters the order in which you plug them in will often reshuffle the letter assigned if multiple drives are plugged in at once.

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