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Karen Reynolds

I don't remember what they are, but there used to be programs that would convert docx files to things like rtf and txt. The issue is losing the formatting.

Most of the time I use notepad. I keep forgetting about wordpad. The rest of the time I use Word. Notepad doesn't seem to do things like hard returns for a new page. I've only recently been able to get it to indent.


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Hi all. Thanks to everyone who answered my last email. I have another question. I might have a lot for a little while. I know Microsoft Word works well with JAWS, but I can't really justify the expense, especially since I don't do a lot of work with documents. I might need to in the future, though. What are some other word processors that work well with JAWS? With NVDA, I used Google Docs or occasionally LibreOffice. Are these good, or are there others you would recommend? I want to find one for future work, but I'm also just looking for a good way to read a book I just got, which comes in Microsoft Word format. Thanks.

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