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Curtis Chong


I will say that if a person needs help from the fine folks at NV Access, even if you purchase an hour of technical support time, it is just about impossible to get a human to contact you. With Freedom Scientific, we still get free over-the-phone technical support which, I admit, is not perfect. It is, however, better than not having any phone support at all.

Lately, Freedom Scientific has been putting on quite a few training webinars and charging nothing for them. They also run quite a few free sessions on Clubhouse.

My two big reasons for favoring JAWS over NVDA is the JAWS Text Analyzer, the place marker feature in Word (which NVDA also has now), and the built-in optical character recognition—of files and through a scanner.


Curtis Chong

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Subject: Curiosity: What makes people choose Jaws over NVDA?

Hi all,
inspired from an earlier topic, I got to wondering:
What makes people keep coming back to Jaws over NVDA? I also want to
emphasise that this is not a topic trying to bash one or the other,
I'd really like to hear some opinions from the Jaws side. What do you
think it does better? Where do you think it's weakness's are? I've
been a long time NVDA user and occasionally dabbled in Jaws here and
there over the past year or so. Something I commonly see is that Jaws
still seems to have better braille support. I also don't know how many
organisations would be super happy with the idea of putting NVDA on a
work computer, so there's that. I used Jaws growing up, so I have a
fair amount of experience in both readers. Using Jaws recently also
told me that the overall look and feel hasn't really changed either,
so there was next to no learning curve when it came to reacquainting
myself. I know NV access have been working on this, but to my
understanding Jaws also seems to have better UIA support, something
that can only be a positive!
Looking forward to hearing from you,

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