moderated New Subscriber Contemplating Switching from NVDA to JAWS with A Few Questions


Hi all. I've been playing with JAWS 2022 for a little while now. I'm a long-time user of NVDA and like it, but I'm interested in some of the features JAWS provides that NVDA doesn't, and I'd like to start using Braille more since I love Braille and am autistic and sometimes have periods of sensory overload with all my screen readers going off around me and other noises in my environment. I know JAWS provides better Braille support, and I'm hoping to get a Braille display soon. I have a few questions though. Are there any resources for finding scripts? I'm used to looking for add-ons in one location, like the NVDA add-ons website. Also, is there a way to make JAWS speak passwords? With NVDA, I have an add-on that does this. Does anyone know of any training resources for people who already know how to use a computer, advanced computer users, or people who have used other screen readers? I looked at the basic training materials, but they seemed a little basic for my needs. Finally, is there anyone who has made this switch and might be able to give me some tips on switching? Thanks.

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