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Perhaps we should suggest to FS to conduct a WebInAr on editing and filling a PDF form using the Acrobat pro. More often than not, I have to do it the manual way, which is to print out the form, have a sighted person fill it and I would scan it back to PDF.

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I have the same issue. I was trying to fill out a form that was supposedly supposed to be a fillable PDF the other day, and when I tried to OCR it even see what it said it said that it was a scan image and may not work properly. I was able to open it in chrome and read it, but there was no way I could fill it out. I believe I have Adobe acrobat DC Pro. I am using jaws 2022 and either windows 10 or 11 I’m not sure which one my work has. But the fact that PDFs are so universally used and aren’t always made accessible is very frustrating.
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I just started a new job this week also, and there is some sort of squabble over transferring a Jaws license, so I'm trying to go from a sometimes-NVDA user to a all-the-time NVDA user overnight. And I'm supposed to be creating accessibility reports in Excel with NVDA.

Excel makes me miss PDF.


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I’m with you–just started a new job with a decent amount of PDF use. It seems like forms are pretty accessible, but I would definitely ask for the pro version if not already given to you.

Maybe we can tag team on things we figure out. I have to figure out how to trim pages today.


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Hello, I started a new job this week and they do a lot with PDF files. On my previous job, I really had no issue with this. I used the latest version of Jaws but there are a lot of forms that require us to fill them out. Is there any way to reasonably do this using jars? Also, since Jaws has built in OCR, is there even a need for me to request for cro while, as another accommodation, at this point? Thanks.

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