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For those who want to check out "what's what" on the Google side of the equation:

1. Log in to your Google Account directly or log in to any one of the web interfaces for a Google Service (e.g. Gmail, Docs, etc.) that uses a specific account you want to check.

2. If you logged in to a service, then paste the following into the address box in the browser to take you to your account page: 

3. Navigate to the Security Pane.

4.  Once the Security Pane is up, since almost everything is handled there via links, bring up the links list in your screen reader.  Filter/search for "2-step" which should land you on the 2-Step Verification link, activate it. You will most likely then have Google ask you to log in again since you are trying to access sensitive information.  If so, just fill in your password on the dialog asking you to log in again and then complete sign-in.

5.  On the 2-step verification page will be a button that is one of two things:  Turn On (if it's currently off) or Turn Off (if it's currently on).   If, by chance, it is turned off then if you want to turn it on activate the Turn On button.

If 2-step verification is on it's virtually certain that whenever you set up your Gmail account in any given email client that you were walked through the OAUTH process in order to gain access.   If you want to check to see what third-party apps have access to your account, and for what:

1. Navigate back to the Security Pane initial page.

2. Bring up the links list again, and activate the Manage third-party access link.

3.  I just down arrow through the page, as after the initial headings that tell you about the section itself, you begin landing on the app, followed by the description of what it has acccess to, followed by a more information (hidden from visual view) button.  Lather, rinse, repeat as you keep down arrowing.

Note Well:  Microsoft Outlook is NOT listed as Microsoft Outlook.  Any Microsoft email client, whether Outlook, the Windows Mail App, etc., that's currently supported will show up in that list as Microsoft Apps & Services.

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