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Curtis Chong

Hello everyone:


I second what Andy has recommended. You really do want to upgrade to JAWS 2022 when running Windows 11. As an aid to help you with the migration to Windows 11, I herewith submit some useful information below.


The link below is a direct Dropbox download to an MP3 file which is lifted from last November’s FSCast from Freedom Scientific. Glen Gordon shows us the really important things we need to know about the Windows 11 changes as compared to Windows 10. In particular, he demonstrates how to fix the System Tray so that your apps are easy to find there.


Here is the link.


Also, Dan Clark, now retired from Freedom Scientific,  has put up a ton of good lessons on Windows 11. Here is the link to them.


Happy listening.




Curtis Chong





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Subject: Re: Windoes 11 and JFW 2021


For best results, it is highly recommended that you use the current version of JAWS, i. e. 2022 with Windows 11.




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Subject: Windoes 11 and JFW 2021


Hi All,


Is there somewhere I can find a list of recommended setting that I can integrate into my JFW to work efficiently with Windows.

For example, am I supposed to have the virtual ribbons turned off or on?





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