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I just started a new job this week also, and there is some sort of squabble over transferring a Jaws license, so I'm trying to go from a sometimes-NVDA user to a all-the-time NVDA user overnight. And I'm supposed to be creating accessibility reports in Excel with NVDA.

Excel makes me miss PDF.


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I’m with you–just started a new job with a decent amount of PDF use. It seems like forms are pretty accessible, but I would definitely ask for the pro version if not already given to you.

Maybe we can tag team on things we figure out. I have to figure out how to trim pages today.


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Hello, I started a new job this week and they do a lot with PDF files. On my previous job, I really had no issue with this. I used the latest version of Jaws but there are a lot of forms that require us to fill them out. Is there any way to reasonably do this using jars? Also, since Jaws has built in OCR, is there even a need for me to request for cro while, as another accommodation, at this point? Thanks.

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