moderated Re: Duplicating JAWS settings on a second computer


How about using the settings packager provided for this purpose by FS?

On 6/9/22, Mike Pietruk <pietruk@...> wrote:
The folder it's all under is called, enu.
It, appropriately enough, is a folder under settings.

It's path is

C:\Users\hp envy\AppData\Roaming\Freedom Scientific\JAWS\2022\Settings\enu

It's a good idea to periodically back it up; and certainly before one
attempts to make modifications such as those regularly mentioned on this
and other lists.

BTW, the credit for this suggestion goes to Brian Hartgen who brought it
up in his recent Jaws Muscles course which, of course, can be purchased
through his website.
The neat thing with Brian'scourses is not only you get the audio
presentations but also transcripts in .rtf format which can be quickly
searched when you wish to review something.

They are well worth the money.
Anyway, returning to the question, back up


regularly for a more complete back-up then offered by JAWS itself.

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