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Sorry, I meant Kurzweil.

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What is cro while?

There are accessibility options in adobe.

I can't remember where they are located.

The other accommodation I'd use if necessary is aIRA to make sure you get
the job done if you can't get it to work any other way.

Use the job promotion aIRA has, it is free for 30 minutes. But I think you
only have a certain amount of it you can use per month probably 150 minutes
like the small business promotion.

You can request your job, or voc rehab, or use your IRWE's if you have any
to pay for the plans.

Try the accessibility options first.

I'm not sure how well jaws OCR works with fillable forms.

Also, the nfb convention is coming up in july.

See if you can find some pdf or accessibility seminars, they Will be held


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Subject: PDF files?

Hello, I started a new job this week and they do a lot with PDF files. On my
previous job, I really had no issue with this. I used the latest version of
Jaws but there are a lot of forms that require us to fill them out. Is there
any way to reasonably do this using jars? Also, since Jaws has built in OCR,
is there even a need for me to request for cro while, as another
accommodation, at this point? Thanks.

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