Moderated Federal Employment and Accommodations


Hello All,


I just began a new job this week, with the federal government.

I have requested the following accommodations, JFW, a braille display, such as the Focus 40 Blue and an iPhone thus far.


I have already found the following issues. They use Adobe a great deal, so I need something that I can use to fill out forms? Is this doable, even with using something like Adobe Acrobat DC?

I have sent myself some of the required forms to my private e-mail and have been able to open them with my iPhone, but I'm not sure I can fill them out this way.


If I've requested JFW, is there any potential reason why I'd also need Kurzweil, seeing as JFW has the built-in OCR?


The department I work for also uses a Soft Phone system, which I'm told will not be accessible, so I've requested an iPhone as an alternative.


They have offered me a reader, but I don't see myself needing that enough to justify that expense for the department as well. I successfully did this job, at a state level, with minor issues, for 10 years.


If you'd rather not clutter up the list, please feel free to e-mail me directly.








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