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Bill White

Hi, Gery. First, Microsoft Edge are somewhat alike, because they are both Chromium browsers. Second, by going into Settings within Microsoft Edge, you can turn off a lot of clutter by opening Settings, selecting Privacy, search and services, and making sure the following items are not checked,


Save time and money with Shopping in Microsoft Edge,

Show opportunities to support causes and nonprofits you care about

Show travel recommendations in Microsoft Edge


You can also set the page to which Microsoft Edge opens by going to, Start, Home, and New Tabs. Click the button that causes the Home Button to display, and you can set both a Start Page, and a Home Page, which is accessed by ALT plus the HOME key, when in the browser window.


Bill White




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Sent: Thursday, June 9, 2022 6:31 PM
Subject: windows 11 and internet browsing


Is there a tutorial or book on using Microsoft edge?  Seems Microsoft really wants you to use edge and I am not familiar with it at all. 

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