moderated Re: windows 11 and internet browsing

Karina Castro

Hello Gery, do you know Chrome?  Or infact, do you know Firefox?

If you have used Chrome, you really can find in Edge a copy of Chrome, because Edge was developped using Chromium as motor in its base. So brousing with Edge is very very symilar to making with Chrome.

Now if you prefer Firefox you can install it and enjoy too.  Perhaps I believe that Windows don't want much Firefox and its performancing in this system is something erratic.  So, finally you can choose the best option for you.

Nice brousing!

El 9/6/2022 a las 19:31, Gery Gaubert escribió:

Is there a tutorial or book on using Microsoft edge?  Seems Microsoft really wants you to use edge and I am not familiar with it at all. 

Salu2, Kari

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