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Madison Martin

Thanks for this Bill; however when I go to settings the only stuff that shows up
is things about my profile, there don't seem to be any other categories. Any
idea why this might be and what I can do about it?

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Sent: June 6, 2022 1:40 PM
Subject: Re: very annoying issue whenever I open Edge

Hi, Madison. All this annoying stuff is in Settings>Privacy, search and
services, in Edge.

1. Open Edge.
2. Press ALT plus F, followed by the letter S for Settings.
3. TAB once to the settings categories, and arrow down to Privacy, Search and
Services, and press ENTER.
4. There will be several Check boxes, and you don't want them to say checked, if
you don't want to hear about them when you are in Edge.
5. The check boxes are as follows, with new ones being added in new updates,

Save time and money with Shopping in Microsoft Edge Show opportunities to
support causes and nonprofits you care about Show travel recommendations in
Microsoft Edge

The other thing you might want to turn off is also in Settings, (ALT plus F,
followed by S), under the category, Edge Bar.

Automatically open Edge bar when the computer starts

Make sure this is unchecked, or you may have all sorts of suggestions popping

Bill White


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Subject: very annoying issue whenever I open Edge

Hi all,
Whenever I open Microsoft Edge to do a search I either get breaking news alerts
or search suggestions (Amazon, Facebook and many other things) before I've even
typed anything into the search box. Before anyone asks these are not things that
I set up previously that I now want to get rid of Can anyone tell me how to stop
both of these things from happening? Using latest versions of Edge, Jaws and
Windows 11.

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