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Bill White

You can actually search for it while the video is playing. You can also
search for the pause button. This is done with CONTROL plus F for Find.

Bill White


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Thanks Bill, my only other question is how do I find the play button in the
first place? I don't know how many times I've clicked on a link for a video
then either the play button disappears or I can't find it period.

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Hi, Madison. Check out the following.

YouTube Shortcuts

Pause and Resume Video

Let's start with the most common and useful YouTube keyboard shortcuts. You
press the Spacebar while watching a video to pause it. You can also press
Spacebar to resume a paused video. What many people don't know, however, is
you can get the same results using the K key.

Skip Forward or Backward

Another set of well known YouTube keyboard shortcut keys are the forward
and backward arrow keys. The video skips 5 seconds ahead or behind depending
the arrow key. And once again, here's something not many people know.

You can also forward or rewind a YouTube video in 10 second increments by
pressing the J and L keys.

Skip to a Different Point or Repeat

That's not all that YouTube offers in the way of keyboard navigation. You
actually jump to a specific part of the video. A YouTube video, no matter
long, is divided into ten parts. From the number row on your keyboard, you
press any key from 0 to 9 to jump to the specific parts.

For instance, pressing 0 will bring you to the start of the video, i.e.
repeat the video.
Pressing 5 will bring you to the exact middle of the video.
Press 9 and you will jump to the last 10th of the video.

Speed Up or Slow Down YouTube Video

YouTube has a lot of videos of just people talking. Sometimes they talk
fast while sometimes they talk really slow. Luckily, you can speed up or
down YouTube videos rather easily. This functionality isn't made obvious.
you can get to these controls by clicking on the gear icon and selecting
Playback speed. That requires at least 3 clicks. A much easier way to speed
or slow down YouTube videos is to use YouTube keyboard shortcut keys.

How to Speed Up or Slow Down YouTube video

YouTube offers 8 playback speed options: 0.25x, 0.50x, 0.75x, Normal, 1.25x,
1.5x, 1.75x, 2.0x. You can switch between these using the following shortcut

Shift + . or >
Shift + , or <

Navigate YouTube Video Frame by Frame

If you thought the ability to speed up or slow down a YouTube video was
impressive, prepare to be surprised. YouTube also lets you go through a
frame by frame.
First, you have to pause the video, which you can do using Spacebar or K.
Next, press the . (Period) to go forward a frame or press the , (comma) to
back a frame.

You can also hold down either of these keys to watch the video is super slow
motion in either direction.

Raise or Lower Volume

Most keyboards have some media controls keys to control things such as
These are almost always smaller than the other keys and fixated on the top
where you have to look down and find them.

Luckily, the online YouTube video player has its own volume control with
keyboard shortcuts. You can control it using the up arrow key to raise the
volume or down arrow key to lower the volume.

Mute YouTube Video

This is another useful YouTube keyboard shortcut but not many know about it.
You can actually mute or unmute a YouTube video by pressing the M key.

Play the Next Video or Previous Video

YouTube always has a list of suggestions whether Autoplay is on or not. If
video you're currently watching fails to hold your attention, you can
skip it and move to the next one on the list. To do this you just have to
the Shift + N YouTube keyboard shortcut keys. This also works if you're
a playlist. In a playlist, you can even go back to the previous video by
pressing Shift + P.

Select Search Box

While watching a video on YouTube you can simply press "/" and start typing
search query. Pressing the "/" key brings the search bar into focus.
You can also select search suggestions using the arrow keys and hit Enter to
the selected search. This is mighty convenient because you never have to use
your mouse or slide on the trackpad to click on the search bar.

Switch to Fullscreen

While playing a YouTube video you can simply press the F key to switch to
screen. If the video is already in full screen, pressing F will switch it
to the normal view.

You can also press the F11 on the keyboard to toggle between Fullscreen
modes in
Windows PCs.

Enable or Disable Closed Captions

Many YouTube videos have auto-generated closed captions for people with a
hearing disability. Closed captions are also helpful when you're in an
environment where you can't really rely on audio. They're also helpful if
watching something in a language you don't fully understand, or maybe you
get the accent.

You can turn on or turn off closed captions with YouTube keyboard shortcuts
simply pressing "C" on the keyboard.

Open YouTube Mini-Player in the Bottom Right

YouTube mini-player keyboard shortcuts

Another cool feature not many people know about on YouTube is the YouTube
mini-player. Yes, you can actually continue to browse YouTube while your
plays without having to open another tab or anything. Press I while the
video is
playing to move the video into the bottom right corner.

So, there they are, some of the most useful YouTube keyboard shortcut keys
we found. Whether you are a power user, a nerd, or a regular Joe who is used
clicking things, these YouTube shortcut keys above should prove very useful.

Bill White


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Hi all,
I was just wondering, are there any keystrokes for using Youtube (watching
videos) with Jaws? Using latest versions of Edge, Jaws and Windows 11.

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