moderated Re: how to edit the jaws insert symbols list

Soronel Haetir

I should also add that you should probably copy the VKeyboard.jsm and
VKeyboard.jss files to your user script directory because if you don't
then every time you update jaws the files will get overwritten and
you'll need to apply the changes again.

On 6/4/22, Soronel Haetir <soronel.haetir@...> wrote:
It can be done but is not especially easy, you have to edit the files:

C:\ProgramData\Freedom Scientific\JAWS\<version>\Scripts\VKeyboard.jsm
C:\ProgramData\Freedom Scientific\JAWS\<version>\Scripts\VKeyboard.jss

using the jaws script manager (available via <jaws>+0). The files are
available in the directory you get if you select File -> Open Shared
File. I suggest editing VKeyboard.jsm first and then VKeyboard.jss
because you need a compile step to come last and saving VKeyboard.jss
will trigger that.

On 6/4/22, Josh Kennedy <joshknnd1982@...> wrote:
When I hit jawsKey+4 I get a list of symbols I could enter into a
Is there a way to edit this list of symbols? I want to add to the list of
insertable symbols.


Soronel Haetir
Soronel Haetir

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