moderated Outlook won't let me use al f to save emails

Kestrel Verlager <kestrell@...>

I’ve had this issue on and off before, but last time I solved it through random key presses and dumb luck, so I don’t remember specifically what I did to fix it.


I’m running Windows 10, Office 365, and Jaws 2022, the latest update.


The issue is that when I am in Outlook and I read an email I want to save, when I press alt f to invoke the file menu, no menus appear, and Windows just makes the ding sound that indicates you can’t do that.


When I am in the inbox list of emails and I first press enter to get into an email I want to read, Jaws says “Read only” before reading the email.


I know there is a reading pane checkbox somewhere on the ribbon, but I know I have that set to the correct setting to allow me to read everything, because I checked this the previous time I had this issue.


Any suggestions?



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