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Dave Durber

Thank you for your help.
I used the link you provided and went to the site.
I then pressed ENTER on the Quick Assist Link
I then got the prompt to enter the code provided by the person at the other end. How the code is provided to the individual who needs help, is a mystery.
It appears, this option is designed to get assistance from Microsoft. I did not see an option on the site, which allows, for example, you to connect with one of my systems, to help solve a problem with that system.
In Quick Assist, there is an option which allows an individual, to get help from another person/organization, other than Microsoft. Do you know How the code is generated to the person/organization to give to the individual who needs the assistance?

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From: Bill White
Sent: Thursday, June 2, 2022 12:48 AM
Subject: Quick Assist Update

There is a new, temporary solution to the Quick Assist inaccessibility dilemma. It is a web-based app, and is accessible. You may use Quick Assist at the following URL:


Bill White




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