moderated Question regarding the latest update to Quick Assist

Dave Durber

Hello Everyone:
An update on my initial posting!
All my systems are presently running the older version of Quick Assist.
Up to yesterday evening, when I opened Quick Assist on each of my computers, included in the update screen, there was a "Not Yet" button.
I have run Quick Assist on all the systems this morning, the "Not Yet" button, has disappeared.
It looks like Microsoft, are forcing users to update Quick Assist, regardless as to whether they wish to do so or not, even though Microsoft, kno the updated version of Quisk Assist is floored.
This now means, users cannot use the previous version of Quick Assist, if they need someone have access to there computer
Regardless as to whether screen readers users use the previous version of Quick Assist or the new version, as individuals who are visually impaired, in my opinion, we are  being right royally screwed by the arrogance of Microsoft.

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