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Dave Durber

See my response to Andrew, which I posted not long ago.

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On Mon, May 30, 2022 at 12:14 PM, Andrew Summers wrote:
               Now use the touch cursor.
How, exactly?

I've been playing with this with NVDA since I don't have JAWS, and what's interesting to me is I can't seem to get into the Quick Assist dialog/pane unless I click into it, then everything begins reading exactly as I'd expect it would and I can navigate around as I'd expect.

But I can't come up with a way, via the keyboard, to issue an object navigation command that gets me "inside" what is already selected by default when focus is on the Quick Assist initial dialog.

I'll be curious to hear what Microsoft Accessibility has to say about this situation.  I'd not played with Quick Assist with a screen reader under the original version and given how little has changed about the look and feel of the "new" Quick Assist, this degradation in accessibility is surprising.

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